Our Local Parent Club History

The Candidate Guidance Office at the U.S. Naval Academy recognized many years ago that the right kind of parental guidance could greatly help to ensure the success of a Midshipman. They felt that the development of this guidance could be best accomplished by uniting parents of Midshipmen to form local Parents’ Club. The main purpose of a Parents’ Club would be for informational guidance and support with a lesser emphasis on social activities. This concept was approved by the Naval Academy, the Alumni Association and the Midshipmen themselves.

In April of 1973, under the guidance of Tom Teshara, West Coast Regional Director of the Blue and Gold Program at the Naval Academy, the first Parents’ Club was formed in the San Francisco Bay Area. Since then, the concept of Parents’ Clubs has spread across the country. There are now eighty clubs, some of which are joint service academy clubs, across the continental US, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. At the request of the Superintendent, Parents’ Clubs are administered by the Naval Academy Alumni Association.

The Southeastern Pennsylvania Parents’ Association (SPPA) is an official Parent’s Club associated with the USNA and has been established within the framework, guidelines, and policies developed by the USNA Alumni Association.

The concept for a parents group in the Southeastern Pennsylvania area was initially formulated in mid-December of 1989, as a result of the urging of the Midshipmen sons of Ms. Helen Callas-Reiner(’91/’92) of Willow Grove, PA, and Ms. Barbara Kolbe (‘92) of Perkasie, PA.

The Southeastern Pennsylvania Parents’ Association was officially recognized on February 26 1990.